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Hello there stranger...

Ok, so i've decided to update here, i think the only active member is Kira, but we love to hear from you :)

It'd be nice to see some new artwork, poems, lyrics from you guys.

But yeah, not been upto much lately, i have some new artwork which i haven't posted yet but i will post them soon. If you are not on my friends list than you may not have seen these so erm take a look: I went to see System of a down over a week ago, so i'll get those pics up too when i finally develop them and ermmm, ooo yus, i am going to the Live8 concert so i shall have some pics from there, awesome line up in London:

Also, i would advise you to join Make Trade Fair, it's been running for ages and i've tried to spread the word and as i'm here i might as well do the same, even if you don't join (although it's free) take a look at the website for your own sake. most of you will know about the state of the world, and i don't mean to sound patronizing, but from what i've seen lately there's too many people that don't know enough.

So yeah, this place is pretty dead, but keep it alive and tell all your friends to join etc, it's be nice if you just posted a link in your journal. Also, if anyone wants to put their comms as affiliates, let me know :)

Anyways muchos love ♥
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GRrrRrr Motherfucker.

I really hate my computer set up. Hopefully i stops the fucking virus's, but I serioiusly need to update aim to the 5.9 so that I can link screen names.

Otherwise, life rocks.

For all of you depressive dearest inmates of mine, check out the manga Deathnote It's simply ravishing.
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Yesterday Sucked Fucking Bullets

H'okay. I hope this community hasn't died. ;;_;; that would suck major bullets. (I love this phrase. I thought of it outta the blue.)

Okay, since I already ranted in my original journal about this under a private entry, I thought I mine as well try to post something here, because no one ever posts. Regardless, I Ragguu Sadia. :3

Okay okay, now back to the subject at hand:

Yesterday, I finally say this one girl I had been thinking of for about a year, since we last saw eachother a year ago, and when I finally see her again, she looks completely different and so do I. So we both aknowledge this, and then when one of my friends comes along, she has like..major hottness for him.

At first I was bitter, because I mean, if you waited a whole fucking year to see them, and even arranged a ride back for them which was like eight miles away, you'd be a bit...a bit frustrated.
So then all she wants to do is talk to me buddy, and I get kinda offended, then I make a narcisistic move, that REALLY annoyed me. I mean, yeah sure, i'm decent, reallys annoys me when people keep saying shit like "OMFG!!!T0 T3h Maxx3r2222! 1'm Li3k T3h 5h122n1t33!" Vanity=bad For moi! ^^;;

Anywhoo, so first I was mad, then frustrated, because I realized finally, that my parents want me to fail at everything, then also, (I know that was left field) next I was mellow, then bitter, now I just feel fucking stupid. People should feel how they wanna feel.

^^;;; I know, that didn't flow very well, but still...

Thanks hearties for listening to me rant.

Hearts, Love, Hugs, Kisses.
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Does no one ever update on here anymore?

I need a smoke.

I haven't smoked in so long. But now I just all of a sudden feel stressed, annoyed- flustered, even. And I feel the need to do so.

I have two different personalities it seems. Because I have two different types of habitats; Uncomfortable, meaning when i'm alone or with one of my friends, then comfortable, when i'm with at least two people.

Jen, my girl, had this play, Seven Brides For Seven Brothers, and on one night, I went with one of my friends, and we sat in the corner, then when I was alone, apparently I am more vulnerable, for two people came and stole me and took me to the front. x.x

I wanted to be the lonely, morbidly cool, guy in the corner, but nay. NAY! They had to have ruined it.

As well, I seem to kinda snap easily at small things, obviously, when bigger things pile up. Like recently, I snapped because I thought my headphones, that I just bought, after fucking MONTHS of shitty headphones, started to get all scratchy. So I started to lash out at all those who have done me wrong. Down to my kindergarten bully, Andrew Hauches. He was in 5th when I was in Kindergarten. So yus. oo; Only, I kinda left him out, for he wasn't someone who scarred me emotionally. And that's the subject that I was on.

..So I need a smoke, but i'm not getting a smoke, for, as sad as it may seem, ( I know, "Why is he telling the unsuspecting public such information?!") it is either sex, which me girl is at the mall, and her guardians hate me, "other forms of sex, without another," (masturbation) ((For all of you who say "EWW!!" I have hormones. It happens. I mine as well profess my ignorance somewhere that it won't matter. ^^)) or a smoke.

But Hot Hot Heat, The Von Bondies, Sugarcult, and Turmion Katilot will probably cheer me up. ^^

Your inmate,
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Whoo, things of interest right?

I'd consider this interesting. It was to me. (repetitious)

I cut. This is one of the principles that explain my dream. I am going out with a girl named Jenny, and a girl I know, let's call her, Betsy, just because BEtsy is a funny name, likes me. Or did, she said she loved me, but that's besides the point.

I had a weird ass dream that seemed to be like a cassette with different movies recorded on it.

-OKay, so first, Val Kilmer is in the dream and we keep talking about the apocalyptic doom and failure that is said to be succeeded within so much time. And he wore glasses, had zits, but it was Val Kilmer. (i'll re-evaluate meanings at the end) So then out of nowhere we were in the woods. Val Kilmer, and I were carrying blue prints, then we where in a replica of the Death Star. oo; Um...then next, I, I guess, met up with BEtsy, and she took me on the bed and said she wanted to fuck, and I thought that since she told me that, that it was okay by Jenny, but Jenny never answered-we never asked. So then, I couldn't get the condom on, which was odd, (shaddup) and then sex lasted like...10 seconds, (not because of me. >< That's what she said. Whoo! xD) Then she kissed me really horribly. x.x It was like trying to make out with a dying raccoon with rabies.(Don't ask how I know. x.x) Then I realized that Jen wasn't okay with it by re-evaluating it, then I kinda started beating myself up, like I do from time to time. ^^; Then all of a sudden, it went like a mix of Road To Perdition, A Clock Work Orange, 28 Days, and Damn, another one with BRad Pitt, and he was a bare-knuckle Jypsy. oo; Anywhoo...

-So then Val Kilmer, Me, a Friend and another person, were in work clothes, but I looked like an emo kid, and these guys were coming after us and I got mad crazy pised because, 1. I cheated on me girl, and 2.these guys wanted to kill one of my friends. So I went dashing, and ended up falling in a ditch/swamp. These guys were hard as hell to fucking punch. x.x So yus. Now for the meanings.

-I usually discuss the all deserved death of most people. Some people need to learn to shut their fucking traps. As well, I saw a Teen Titans and Raven was pre-desined to destroy humanity. -Then the Val Kilmer as a geek, Their true inner person should be what you care about, not looks.- The whole girlfriend thing, I was with one girl, when I cheated on her with an 18 year old. Which, I didn't want to, but I did. -I was watching the Contender and these people sucked at fighting. My headphones were sketchy and I was easily ticked off. As well, I felt like I might be losing something.

Then when I woke up, I had a bucnha slashes on my wrists, but not real slashes, like matress imprints, but they were all across my wrist. oo; So that kinda scared me. Then I hated myself for "cheating" on Jen, so that must've been why I put those on my wrists. oo;; I think. Possibly.

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